OEM rotational mold manufacturer, 15 years rotational molding experience

Zhenjiang Donghong Mold is a modern economic entity that concentrates on technological research, design development, manufacturing, trade and investment for rotational molds and rotomolding products. Our product rangeA.kayak& surfboard & boat...B.cleaning seriese: scrubber, dustbin...C.playground equipment: roof, slide, pannel, decoration,kids toy...D.furniture: indoor and outdoor plastic chair, sofa, table, planter...E.case & container: military case, tool case, cooler box...F.engineering series: fuel tank, tractor roof, water tank, machine shell... G.pallet: rotomolding pallet, spill pallet we can do any custom rotational molds according to your requirement.

Donghong Mold have introduced from home and abroad large-scale and high-end CNC machines, universal milling machines, digital controlled lathe, EDM machines, linear cutting machines, auto-shuttering machines and a dozen of big scale production equipment. We also joined in Rotomolding Professional Committee of China and Plastic Association of China in succession, which won the company a good social contact and public praise in rotational molding industry and further makes it a potential and qualified supplier.